Registration is required for all attendees of General Ministry Conference 2017. Reduced rates are available for those attending both GMC + M3 workshops, and children ages 5-12.

Register one or more individuals for either GMC or M3, or a discounted package price for access to both.


General Ministry Conference brings pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and Apostolic families from around our fellowship to a centralized location, perfect for promoting Apostolic resources and products.









The Hilton Knoxville, General Ministry Conference 2017’s conference headquarters hotel, is located in the heart of downtown Knoxville and within walking distance of shopping, Market Square eateries, and the Knoxville Convention Center. King and Double-Queen rooms are available for the low conference rate of $123/night. To make your reservation, call 1-800-774-1500 using group code GMC17.


a conference designed to train church ministry leaders in all areas



Wednesday—Branding the Local Church
Moderator: Wes Comer
Panel: Dale McBroom, Timothy Gothra

Branding is the visual representation and external perception of your church’s identity. Our dedicated team of specialists is prepared to help you avoid mistakes that send the wrong message and simple steps that will take your branding to the next level.

Thursday—Be Our Guest: From the Parking Lot to the Pew
Moderator: Chad Erickson
Panel: Maren Perdue, Daniel Nooner, Rhonda Akers

When it comes to first-time visitors, you may be surprised to learn that perhaps the most influential person your guests will meet isn’t the pastor. Believe it or not, the most influential people your first-timers come into contact with is your first impressions team (greeters, ushers, parking lot attendants, etc).


Wednesday—Creative Outreach Ideas
Moderator: Jonathan Vazquez
Panel: Anthony McCool, Michael Jadrnicek, Wylie Rhineheart

Are you ready to get outside the box with your outreach ideas?! Our panelists will provide you with ideas that will leave you ready to run out the door and evangelize your city. Basic tips and tricks will be given on successful outreach tools that have been tried and proven by the panelists.


Thursday—Creating a Pipeline Where Ministries Thrive
Moderate: Matt Perdue
Panel: Nathan Cannon, Fallon Erickson

Need momentum in your local church? Atmosphere is everything. Special insight will be given on systems, people skills, and momentum-makers to create an environment for ministries to thrive.

Children's Ministry


Exciting Ways Kids Learn Scripture
Speaker: Maren Perdue

Of course children should learn the Bible, and in this session we’ll explore ways to make Bible memorization exciting and fun. You’ll also discover how to have kids memorizing Scripture without even realizing it. This is a must for any Sunday School teacher or children’s minister.

Creating Mission Minded Kids
Speaker: Josh Wilson

Youth President Josh Wilson has been on so many missions trips it’s hard to count them all. With a heart for missions, Pastor Wilson will guide you through how to instill a love and burden for God’s work around the globe into children.


Creating Willing Sponges
Speakers: Audie Miracle, Terry Vik

Kids soak up information and knowledge like thirsty sponges. In this session, we’ll take a look at turning your students into “willing sponges” that want to learn about Jesus and His Word. This is a very interactive class so come ready to “soak it all in!”

Creative Games, Action Songs, and Puppets
Scott McCollum, Christina Young, Maren Perdue, Dawn McGee

This will not be a sit down session! You’ll receive valuable HANDS-ON experience in new ways to interact with your students through creative games, action songs, and a special “backstage look” at puppets.

Music/Worship Arts

Learn 12 new songs
• Interactive Band Lab for Keyboard, Bass, Drums, and Guitar
• Interactive Vocal Lab for Soprano, Alto, and Tenor

Student Ministry


Building the Communication Pipeline
Speakers: Josh Wilson, Devin Akers

This M3 session will give you all the information you need to create an effective communication pipeline from pastoral leadership to parents. In an age of mass communication it’s critical to effectively equip every youth worker with the necessary communication skills to bring the vision and gospel of Jesus Christ to their communities.

Building the Youth Team Pipeline
Speaker: Devin Akers

Teamwork makes the dream work! In this session we’ll discuss how to create an effective youth team that fulfills the vision of God in the local church. We will also address some common pitfalls of youth teams and how to avoid them.


The Prayer Pipeline and Your Students
Speakers: Josh Wilson, Devin Akers

There is power in a praying youth group! The Apostolic Crusaders leadership team believes each student needs to make their vision about Jesus, souls, and giving. These attributes will all be enhanced when fostered by the power of prayer, and creating a prayer vision is the most important pipeline youth leaders can develop.

Making it all Happen
Speakers: Devin Akers, Anthony McCool, Chase Vicars, Josh Wilson, Zach Hammond

This open forum will establish talking points and then open the floor for questions to those in attendance. Student ministry veterans will discuss how they’ve achieved their successes, and you’ll hear what has worked in other youth groups in this “iron sharpening iron” session.

Let's Talk

Let’s Talk — Men

Becoming Part of the Pipeline
Speaker: Stephen Trachsel II

Are you ready to join a cause greater than yourself? Learn the many benefits in becoming a part of the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ. This session will give you the top reasons of why becoming a part of the pipeline will advance the Kingdom. We are better together!

Creating a Ministry God is Attracted To
Speaker: John Hodum

Do you feel called to the ministry? Are you ready to ignite your faith? Accepting the call is only beginning. Creating a ministry that God is attracted to is all about embracing the process. Pastor Hodum will give you insight and tips on how to get God’s attention. 

Connecting Daily with God
Speaker: Zach Hammond

God created us with the need to be restored and refreshed on a daily basis. “Devotion 365” is something we all strive for, but often are left empty. Zach Hammond is a seasoned student pastor who will give practical advice on developing daily disciplines early in your ministry.

Equip to Lead
Speaker: Mike Vicars

Are you ready to unlock limitless possibilities? Mike Vicars is a seasoned minster who will give you foundational resources to inspire you to achieve your next level of ministry.

Let’s Talk — Women

‘Fit’ to Lead
Speakers: Jamie Ball, Teresa Gray, Gina Vera, Faythe Gill, Penny Carpenter

As ministers wives, we sometimes get hurt along the way and struggle with issues while still leading. Testimonials, resources, and information from women who have overcome issues such as depression, loss, and hurt will be shared during this roundtable discussion.

Becoming: The Process
Speakers: Faythe Gill, Whitney Gothra, Penny Carpenter, Fallon Erickson, Lauren Hammond, Jamie McCool, Ashley Whitley

We are confident in the promises God has for us, but sometimes struggle
with defeat during the process. It’s between the process and promise that God can prove Himself strong through us. This roundtable discussion will provide insightful tips on leading during the process of becoming all God has called you to be.

Bible Quizzers of all ages from around the country will compete in this year’s ALJC National Championship Tournament. The tournament is open to teams from any district, regardless of rank. Registration is $125 per team (all divisions).