Vendor Guidelines

  • All fees must be paid in full prior to Display Area set-up.
  • Vendors may set-up on Monday (06/17/2024) from 6pm to 9pm and Tuesday (06/18/2024) from 8am to 2pm. Not adhering to these times could result in forfeiture of space.
  • Vendor checkout is at midnight after the Thursday (06/20/2024) night service. All vendors must have their displays packed up and removed from the conference center by this time.
  • Display Areas are set-up by the Vendor Coordinator and convention center staff and must remain in their original positions.
  • Do not move tables without permission from the Vendor Coordinator.
  • Each Display Area is 10’x10′ and includes one table with cloth. If your display requires more space, please reserve the additional space required. If your display requires an additional table, please purchase a second table when registering and purchasing your Display Area(s).
  • Display Area Fees (if purchased before June 1, 2024):
    • A $350.00 PER DISPLAY AREA fee shall be charged to all ALJC affiliates/vendors and a $500.00 PER DISPLAY AREAfee to all NON-ALJC affiliates/vendors.
    • Each Display Area fee includes one table with cloth.
    • One additional table (per Display Area) may be purchased. A $30 PER TABLE fee shall be charged for vendors requiring more than one table per purchased Display Area.
    • Display Area fees do NOT include conference registration for the vendor.
  • PLEASE NOTE – Display Area LATE FEE: A late fee of $100 PER Display Area shall be charged for Display Areas purchased on June 1, 2024, or later.
  • All displays will be located on either side of the concourse along the convention center. The placement of venders is determined by the Vendor Coordinator in consultation with ALJC leadership.
  • Each vendor is responsible for staffing their own displays/tables.
  • Each vendor is responsible for the security of their displays/tables and items for sale or promotion.
  • All displays are required to close during morning and evening sessions.
  • No hand written signs allowed. Displays must be professional appearing. NO hanging of signs or other materials on Convention Center property.
  • Sale of body jewelry is not allowed.
  • No multilevel marketing sales are allowed.
  • Selling and verbal promotion of vendor goods are limited to the vendor’s space ONLY. No selling/verbal promotion is permitted in aisles, walkways, service areas, classroom spaces, etc. (Walking the convention space and approaching conference attendees, for example, is not permitted.)
  • Candy, food, and beverage sales are prohibited.

Vendor Policy

The Assemblies of The Lord Jesus Christ reserves the right to refuse display space to any vendor that it deems as displaying material, goods, or services that it believes to be inappropriate, in conflict with or unfairly in competition with ALJC organization member displays, in conflict with the ALJC interpretation of its Biblical beliefs and Statement of Faith, or that conflict with or are inconsistent with written policies of the ALJC Board of Publications.

In respect of this organization’s beliefs and holiness standards, appropriate, modest dress is required of all vendors at all times. During the time that a table or display is in operation, dress shirts and dress slacks or suits are to be worn by men; dresses or blouses with skirts that have hemlines below the knee must be worn by women. Sleeveless blouses or shirts are not permitted. During setup and tear down of displays, modest apparel must be worn. Women may wear modest, casual dresses or blouses and modest skirts; men may dress in casual attire.

At no time is any item – clothing or any item for display or sale – permitted to be worn or displayed that exhibits or infers inappropriate or obscene information or pictures. Failure to follow these rules may result in an immediate cancellation of display and vending privileges and loss of all fees paid to the ALJC for those privileges. The ALJC General Board and its interpretation of the ALJC Statement of Faith and Biblical beliefs is the governing authority with regard to all vendors, their displays, and allowable services and products.

Any additional questions should be directed to:

GMC Display Coordinator: Marla Roberts | 318.791.3450